Crossword Puzzles – Best Tips To Help You Solve Them

Crossword Puzzles - Best Tips To Help You Solve Them

Crossword puzzles are fun and obsessive! You love to solve them and with time, you simply wish to keep on solving them again and again. When you start solving crosswords, you start ticking your head thinking about the answers and solving them faster as possibly. Crosswords are challenging and help you workout your brain cells making your brain stay healthier. However, solving crosswords can become really exhausting, especially when you don’t get the clues right. This is when expert tips help us get the right solutions in the shortest time. So, if you are looking forward to solving crossword puzzles in the blink of an eye, here are the best tips to help you them.

1. Rough work with Pencil

As a beginner, you are prone to make mistakes while solving the puzzles. So, make sure that you use a pencil that allows you to erase and re-do the crossword puzzles.

2. Solve crosswords from the same source

When you start solving puzzles, make sure to follow just the puzzles from the same editor or source (magazine or newspaper). This will help you know the pattern the newspaper or magazine follows when giving the crosswords. The familiarity in the format, helps you to solve the crosswords easily.

3. Take the theme as a clue

If you have a puzzle with a title, then the title indicates a theme. So, when looking for the answer to the crossword, consider the theme as well, which may hold a clue to the crossword answer.

4. Fill the blanks

The Fill-in-the-blank crosswords are the easiest to solve. So, if you want to boost your ego and learn to solve more crosswords, make sure that you fill them every day.

5. Solve the smaller (3 – 5 letter words) first

English may be a language with great depth and vocabulary. However, puzzle creators usually end up making puzzles consisting of both, long and short letter words. So, first try and solve the smaller words and then getting a hint of the theme, solve the bigger words. This makes crossword solving simpler than you may think off!

6. Consider Plurals

When you are solving the crosswords, remember to stick and think of the clues in both, singular and plural forms. Taking a pencil, write every possible answer in both singular and plural forms. You surely won’t like to miss out on something very simple, just because you didn’t check the plural of the word.

7. Check outside resources

Solving crossword puzzles is surely fun! But, a little help from outside resources makes it much more interesting and easier. All you need to do is search for the clue in the best online crossword resources. However, make sure to choose only the best resources and also check the dictionary and thesaurus.

8. Check-off each clue you solve

When you solve a crossword, don’t stress and remember to check-off every clue you solve to prevent any sort of confusion when solving the remaining puzzles. The answers to the crossword may be easy, but if you don’t read the clues right, you may just end up not finding the right answers.

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