25 How to teach the Game of Sudoku to your Kids and Why

Kids love playing games, especially those that challenge them to learn something new. This is one of the main reasons why you should introduce the number game of Sudoku to your kids and teach them the basics to make them the masters of this interesting number game. Sudoku allows the young players to rationalize and solve the problems, recognize errors and also determine the right answer to the puzzle in a short span of time.

How Children Benefit from Sudoku?

Sudoku is more of a learning game for kids than you can imagine it to be. Right from teaching them number recognition to pattern learning, the game teaches various things to the kids. Here are the different benefits that your kid will enjoy while solving Sudoku puzzles.

1. Numeral Recognition and logic understanding

Teaching your kids numbers can become really interesting with Sudoku. Early learners love to practice their new skills, but not in the traditional way! They love to count and recognize numbers in different patterns and forms. Sudoku proves to be the best and most interesting way to learn the numerical order.

Moreover, older kids learn logic through Sudoku apart from understanding and recognition of patterns.

2. Enhances thinking and decision making power

Kids have a very inquisitive mind and love to think about newer boundaries. They love pushing themselves and refining their skills once they develop an interest in a particular game. Sudoku, helps your kids think the different possible answers in the puzzle game along with the big task of making the decision to choose a number for the empty spaces, no matter whether they are right or wrong. This ability of making a decision, slowly helps in forming their future personality.

3. Enhances the skill of observation and focus

Sudoku is a game that requires a lot of observation and focus. However, when it comes to kids, it is one of the basic complains of most parents that their kids lack focus and observation in their work. Playing the game regularly, will help your kids develop and sharpen these skills in them.

How to Teach the Basics of Sudoku?

1. Start with a simple 3X3 grid

As a start, begin with a small and simple 3X3 grid sudoku puzzle. This will help your child identify the numbers and also the patterns (rows and columns). Also, remember to teach them about the basic rule of the game.

2. Print the puzzles or buy the sudoku tiles game for them to practice

Make your kid practice the puzzle either on paper or on a proper sudoku tiles game. Also, let your kid use a pencil while solving the puzzle, so they can erase and rearrange the numbers if they make a mistake. When solving the game puzzle, let your child think and place the numbers themselves without help.

3. Progress from simple to difficult level puzzles

Once your child understands the concept and starts solving them successfully, then slowly make your progress to 6X6 and 9X9 puzzles, encouraging them on each step.

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